• Filter sponge

    Filter sponge

  • Antistatic sponge

    Antistatic sponge

  • Cleaning sponge

    Cleaning sponge

  • Add liquid soap pot brush

    Add liquid soap pot brush


Years of professional production, management and wholesale, industry-leading

Yancheng Hengfeng Sponge Co.,ltd (Old name: Dafeng Hengfeng sponge factory ) obeys the operation principle of good faith and pragmatic,strategy of success through quality, scientific management, innovation,which promoted the surrounding economic development, and created more jobs. Earlier rich people lead the later ones, which made all members continue to grow rich.

Customer first, Quality assurance

Our factory builds an unique processing and quality control system after dozen years’ exploration and practice.Our factory has already passed the audit of Warlmart and BSCI,ISO9001:2008 certificate of quality system,ISO 13485 certificate of medical system.

Solemn promise, perfect after-sale system

The product warranty period shall be one year from the date of delivery. According to the product standard, and the product performance requirements (not to be man-made damage), the company repairs for free according to ‘three guarantees’.



Yancheng Hengfeng Sponge Co.,ltd (Old name: Dafeng Hengfeng sponge factory ) established in 2004, is specialized in processing and sale sponges,scouring pads and cleaning products.Our factory locates in Dafeng District ,Yancheng City...[MORE]


Hengfeng new product express: disposable medical sponge stick

There are always new discoveries in the new environment. Today, hengfeng sponge found a new thing, called disposable medical sponge, medical sponge can be used for: medical sponge ball, medical sponge stick, etc. After inquiry, it seems that there is not much medical treatment in China, but it has been widely used abroad.

“我是创业者”系列报道:小海绵 大商机

A huge opportunity for a sponge

A small sponge is very insignificant for many people. However, nine years ago, gu zijing, who was in her early twenties, saw a huge "money" from the small sponge that could be seen everywhere in daily life, and started her own business with sponge products.


Check hengfeng magic sponge (clean sponge) decontamination principle

In our daily life, the application of sponge is very extensive, such as the kitchen clean sponge used every day in the kitchen, the magic sponge is also called nano sponge, clean sponge

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